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How to Help Employees Prepare for Back to School Season

The summer is nearing an end, which means back to school season is in full swing. Employees with children face changes and transitions that can be quite stressful. Along with adjusting to new schedules and getting back into the rhythm of the school year, parents and children alike also face the threat of exposure to more germs.

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While it might not seem that there’s anything you can do to help your employees during back to school season, we’ve compiled a list of small actions you can take to alleviate stress and help improve your employee’s health and happiness. Here’s how you can help your employees stay healthy during back to school season:

Remind Employees About Children’s Medications

Your employees have a lot added to their plate during back to school season, and it’s easy to forget things when there’s so much to consider. Something that might slip below the radar are changes to children’s medications. Each year, it’s important that parents give their children’s school administration and teachers a list of all medications and medical changes.

You can help your employees remember this important facet of going back to school by posting a notice or adding a blurb to an internal newsletter. Just one simple reminder lets employees know that you’re on their side, and it can be a big stress reliever during this peak stress season.

Offer Mindful Moments

Not only are there schedules and transportation logistics to figure out, parents also face stress from helping kids adjust to new environments. There can be a lot of worry that accompanies all the changes during back to school season. As an employer, you have an opportunity to help ease some of that worry and stress.

You could offer morning yoga, send mindfulness reminders during the workday, or simply provide a space for employees to breathe and relax. Dedicating some resources to providing relaxation to employees can improve their productivity and create a happier, healthier work environment.

Remind Employees About Good Health Practices

Back to school season also means the start of cold and flu season. Germs spread at schools, follow kids home, and then parents bring them to the workplace. It’s a nasty cycle, and you’ve likely seen the effects wreak havoc on productivity during the seasonal changes. While you obviously can’t control germs, you can do your part to help employees stay healthy during cold and flu season.

Before the weather changes, plan to send out an e-mail or even hold a workshop about good health practices. Make sure to remind employees about proper handwashing techniques and how to sterilize their workspaces. It’s also a good time to remind employees about your office’s policies regarding coming into the office, taking a sick day, or working remotely when they come down with a spreadable illness.

Get Real About Flu Season

The 2018-2019 flu season saw approximately 40 million cases of Influenza A & B. It’s difficult to hide from such a prolific virus, but of course, the best protection from the flu is the flu shot. To help protect your employees, consider offering a free flu shot clinic. Make it easy for employees to protect themselves.

If your resources don’t give you the opportunity to offer free flu shots, consider holding awareness events about the importance of flu season. Gather a list of local resources that offer flu shots and hold a meeting to inform employees about the efficacy of getting a flu shot early. The more resources you can devote to prevention are resources that you hopefully won’t need to expend later during the peak of flu season.

Remind Employees About any Childcare or Flexible Work Benefits

Your company might not offer any childcare or flexible work benefits, but if you do, be sure to remind employees about them at the start of back to school season. Parents can feel guilty about missing work or being late as they’re trying to figure out their school and transportation schedules. Reminding employees about any resources your offer to working parents can be a big stress reliever.

And remember, any resources you dedicate to stress relief and creating a healthier, happier workplace are investments. When your employees know that you’re on their side and understand how life’s stressors might affect their workday, you’re making an investment in productivity. For more information about how a pharmacy benefits management plan can be another investment in a productive, healthy workplace, contact us today.

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