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Drug Recalls

It is common for product recalls to happen in the prescription drug industry. These recalls can be the result of either a manufacturer initiative or by the FDA.  Two of the most common types of recalls are retail or patient level recalls.

Retail level recalls apply to pharmacies and other providers that stock the recalled product, but not to patients or consumers.  In a retail level recall the requirement is that establishments quarantine and no longer distribute the affected product.

Patient level recalls are those that apply to both patients/consumers and pharmacies. In the case of a patient level recall, patients or consumers who may be at risk are required to be notified by the pharmacy who dispensed the medication. In addition, those entities that have stock of the medication are required to pull it from further distribution.

For the most up-to-date information on drug recalls please click here. If you have questions regarding a recalled medication, please contact the dispensing pharmacy for assistance.

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